Why OMEGA 3 * | Fish Oil | Most Important Diet For Bodybuilding | 2017

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Fish oil is derived from the tissue of fatty fish. Fish oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids called EPA and DHA, which are “essential” to the human diet because our bodies can’t make them. As with a number of essential nutrients, some people don’t eat enough fish to have the levels of EPA and DHA necessary for optimal functioning and performance. This is where fish oil supplements can be very helpful.

Fish oil supplements are sold either in soft gels or in liquid form. Soft gels are usually the preferred form because of their convenience and lack of rancidity that comes from exposing the oil to air. The capsules block the oxygen and therefore delay the rancidity of the fats.

Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements: From Depression to Fat Loss

Fish oil’s implications for health benefits have been widely researched. The benefits of taking fish oil range from decreasing Depression and Alzheimer’s, to decreasing mortality from heart disease,1 to helping people improve their body composition.

Here’s a quick list of the benefits of fish oil supported by research:

Decrease the incidence of depression and anxiety
Decrease Blood Pressure
Reduce the Stress response
Assist in the treatment of psoriasis and dry skin
Assist in decreasing your body’s insulin response to food
Decrease whole body inflammation as marked by C-Reactive Protein
Decrease Triglyceride levels
Help with treating ADHD
Assist in activating fat burning genes
Assist in Muscle Protein Synthesis

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