What Kind Of Omega 3 Oil Do I Take? Best Choice – Hands Down!

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In this week's episode, we're going to talk about Omega-3 fatty acids.

I take it every single day and this is the ultimate Omega-3 fatty acid delivery system. That gives me 2.4 grams of actual Omega-3 fatty acids in the most absorbable form possible.

So first, this fish oil pill simply makes me feel better than any of the fish oil that I was taking before. I've tried them all – in liquid form, fermented fish oil and all of these other things. But this is the best.

Second, they are in the natural triglyceride form. Meaning, there's no alcohol backbone. This means that they are more absorbable and I can take them on an empty stomach like eating a fatty meal with my fish oil every morning.

Third, they provide the daily dose of 2.4 grams of Omega-3 fatty acids, which is what I need to keep up on my blood levels. Remember what we talked about earlier?

Fourth, the concentration. 80% of the fish oil gets absorbed. So, it takes 3 grams of fish oil to get 2.4 grams. This means no horse pills. There's no current provider of the triglyceride form with this level of concentration.

Fifth, on sensitive digestion. When we take fish oil, we sometimes get the fish burps. Some people have sensitive digestion so they end up with an upset stomach as well. I don't get that with this. There's a special enteric coding on this pill as well that bypasses your stomach and goes straight into your small intestine.So this is great for sensitive stomach most especially that it has increased absorbability.

Now, the sixth reason why I love Real Dose is because of its purity and that it's also environmentally sound. It's environmentally sound because they don't use chemicals to abstract the fish oil. They use a process that's called supercritical.

I know many of you know this.

Maybe you've heard me talk about this before….

I want to share this with you….

This is embarrassing and you may have heard me talk about this before… BUT… )

I used to be 25 pounds over weight and have a ton of belly fat. And everywhere I would go I feel like everyone was staring at my belly. I was embarrassed to take my shirt off at the beach. I tried every diet plan known to man and nothing worked until one day a man told me how this "one simple thing" saved his life. I figured if this solution saved his life, what would it do for someone that was already healthy?

When I applied this to my life I was able lose 25 pounds and finally get the body I always wanted.

Get your hands on the thing that I used to transform myself and over 500,000 others.


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