What are the side effects of fish oil for dogs?

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In this video, we at , explain the possible side effects of fish oil for dogs. There are certain types of fish oil you should avoid giving your dog.

Fish oil for dogs is popular supplement for dogs as it is a convenient way to make sure your dog gets enough Omega 3 fatty acids.

Dog fish oil is safe and fish oil for dogs side effects are rare. There are though few things worth having in mind before you start giving your dog Omega 3 fish oil for dogs.

Fish oil for dogs side effects can include mild diarrhea but reducing the fish oil for dogs dosage is usually enough to alleviate this problem. To avoid weight gain it is also important to adjust the calorie intake from other food in line with the increased calorie intake from the fish oil.

Fishy breath or fishy smelling skin is also possible fish oil side effects dogs may experience.

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