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Brand : BRI Nutrition

Top Rated Odorless Garlic – 120 Softgels – 1000mg Pure And Potent Garlic Allium Sativum Supplement (Maximum Strength) – 60 Day Supply By BRI Nutrition

Verified Amazon customer Sherri Jackson reports:
★★★★★I imagine most people cringe at taking garlic as a supplement for the obvious reasons; who wants to smell like garlic or be tasting garlic all the time. These are certainly legitimate reasons for being hesitant in this area. I discovered that I can get the great health benefits of garlic supplements but not suffer with the normal fears of stomach upset and bad breath. All it took for me was finding the right supplement.

*ALL OF THE GOODNESS OF GARLIC WITH NONE OF THE UPSET*: Garlic is well proven to have positive effects on your cardiovascular system and the heart itself. However, pure raw garlic can cause stomach upset in some situations, and we all know how potent it can smell. That’s why we set out to create an odorless garlic supplement that maintains all the benefits you expect from this super food.

We manufacture our 1,000mg garlic softgels in our FDA-inspected facility here in the US, and every capsule we make is shipped to a third-party quality control lab in California to ensure no contamination and only the highest potency. This is a promise we back up with a 100% money-back guarantee; if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, just send back the unused portion for a full refund.

When it comes to giving highly educated consumers like you the most from your supplement purchase, we truly go the extra mile. So when you want all the benefits of garlic without the drawbacks, you can depend on our odorless softgels. Order your 60-day supply today, and put the power of garlic to work for you — no burping necessary.


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