Prima Force Choline Bitartrate Nutritional Supplement, 250 Gram

Choline bitartrate promotes mental acuity and energy, supports general health and cell membranes, optimizes cell signaling and muscle control, supports healthy metabolism. Primaforce choline bitartrate helps to enhance memory retention and recall while assisting in cognitive reasoning. Choline bitartrate has been shown to maintain normal function of cell activity, breaks down fats, can increase physical endurance, promotes the production of acetylcholine, amino acids and proteins, improves cognitive function and proven to support the nervous system activity. It has been used experimentally to help improve neuromuscular function in alzheimer’s disease. It also improves the effectiveness of lithium in the treatment of manic depression. If your choline levels are too low, you will want to take a choline bitartrate supplement (especially if you are running a marathon or if you exercise for more than 2 hours) to maintain proper health. Choline deficiency may be related to stress, fatigue, insomnia, poor ability of the kidneys to concentrate urine, problems with memory, and nerve-muscle imbalances. Choline is a dietary component found in many protein and fat-containing foods. It is a cell-signaling molecule, acetylcholine precursor, and adds structural integrity to cell membranes. Choline, especially in lecithin form, is a basic dietary component found in the phospholipids of protein-containing foods such as eggs, meats, soybeans, or peanuts. Like tyrosine, dietary choline is an effective neurotransmitter precursor – it has been suggested that choline is the precursor for the production of acetylcholine. It is believed that acetylcholine is released in the brain and plays a part in many brain functions. All products developed by primaforce are manufactured under strict current good manufacturing practices (CGMP) conditions and undergo rigorous third-party analytical testing beyond what is minimally required within the industry.


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