Omega Q Quality Fish Oil omega-3 demo

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ARIIX fish oil demonstration. A good quality fish oil will actually bind with the chemicals in styrofoam and cut the styrofoam in half at the water line. A cheaper brand that has a lot of water in the capsule will not create the chemical reaction. ARIIX Omega-Q Fish Oil is as pure and has the highest quality as you can find anywhere on the market. Fish Oil and Omega 3 Fatty Acids are excellent for our bodies, our heart, our skin, etc. With ARIIX you know you are taking the best in nutrition

a fish oil experiment for people that want to know the effectiveness of a real fish oil.
please excuse the not so professionalism of using a camera phone but this video is still good for people who want to understand on how to conduct the experiment.

for those who don't know a high quality fish oil is good for your skin, heart, nails, high blood pressure, high Cholesterol and has been shown to greatly reduce the effects of type-2 diabetes.

Ariix Products contains No GMO. Are all natural and organic.

Ariix Products are Pharmaceutical Grade Nutrition and are NSF, GMP, OTC, and FDA, Certified.

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