Price : $13.95
Brand : Navitas Organics

Navitas Naturals Organic Wheatgrass Powder, 1-Ounce Pouches

Wheatgrass has long been used to help cleanse the body of toxins and to generate healthy energy. Navitas Naturals Wheatgrass Powder is made from fresh sweet juice that has been freeze-dried to lock in its peak nutrition. Wheatgrass is low in calories, yet it contains over 70 minerals and vitamins, hundreds of live enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, and is more than 85% protein by weight. It is exceptionally alkaline, which helps the body eliminate toxins and maintain a healthy pH balance. Navitas Naturals Wheatgrass Powder is greenhouse-grown in the USA using state-of-the-art technology. The fresh grass is juiced and then immediately freeze-dried in an oxygen-free vacuum at temperatures of minus 85°F. This concentrate holds the live enzymes and nutrients in suspension until they are reactivated with water. It is easy to create a daily wheatgrass shot. Just mix a small (1/4 tsp) soluble serving of the sweet powder into an ounce or two of liquid and shake to dilute, or mix a small amount of powder into a larger beverage of choice. There is no messy juicing required. Since a little of this concentrated powder goes a long way in terms of nutrition, Navitas Naturals Wheatgrass Powder may also be seamlessly mixed into salad dressings, energy bars, smoothies and sauces.


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