MuscleBlaze Fish Oil 1000 mg Omega 3 (Unboxing)

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MuscleBlaze Fish Oil 1000 mg contains omega-3 essential fatty acids including Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), long chain fatty acids that cannot be made by your body. Together, DHA and EPA constitute good fats and antioxidants for fitness enthusiasts, athletes and body builders. Regular supplementation with MuscleBlaze Fish Oil 1000 mg supports muscle protein synthesis, improves post-workout recovery and reduces exercise-induced joint stiffness.
Supports lean muscle gains
Fortified with the goodness of EPA and DHA, long chain fatty acids, MuscleBlaze Fish Oil 1000 mg supports muscle synthesis and restricts muscle breakdown to boost muscle growth.
Helps improve joint flexibility
Lifting heavy overloads joint muscles resulting in stiffness. MuscleBlaze Fish Oil 1000 mg reduces tender or swollen joints and the arising joint pain. Regular supplementation also helps increase blood flow during exercise.
Help keep heart healthy
Omega-3 essential fatty acids in MuscleBlaze Fish Oil 1000 mg provide good fats to help enhance cardiovascular health.
Aids in building immunity
Weight training and intense workouts stress immunity in fitness enthusiasts. The antioxidant nature of MuscleBlaze Fish Oil 1000 mg builds immunity and helps to improve post workout recovery.
Fish lipid oil, Gelatin, Preservatives (INS 218, INS 217).
One capsule, two or three times per day preferably with a meal or as directed by the physician.
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