How Much Fish Oil Per Day For Children

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There is a lot of interest in the health benefits of omega 3 fats and as a result a lot of men and women consume fish oil supplements.

It's unfortunate that a large percentage men and women don't know the dose of omega 3 fats they should be ingesting daily. As a result they aren't receiving the full health improvements that the omega 3 fats in fish oil supplements can offer. The best maintenance dose of omega 3 fats is 1500 mg of EPA and DHA on a daily basis.

Most people taking fish oil supplements get a small percentage of a good daily dose because they just take what is indicated on the label. When taking food grade fish oil supplements you want to take anywhere from 5-10 capsules of fish oil on a daily basis to get the recommended dosage.

Pharmaceutical grade fish oil supplements such as those by Doctor's Holistic Rx contain a much higher concentration of omega 3 fats. You can take just two 1000 mg capsules of pharmaceutical grade fish oil on a daily basis to get the recommended dosage of omega 3 fats.


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