Price : $27.99
Brand : Healthy Directions

Healthy Directions MK-7 Vitamin K Supplement for Healthy Arteries and Strong Bones, 30 capsules (30-day supply)

This supplement strengthens your bones and heart with the most absorbable form of Vitamin K. If your multivitamin includes vitamin K, it’s K1, not K2. Even if it is K2, it’s highly unlikely that it’s the MK-7 form of K2-the most bioavailable and beneficial form for your cardiovascular system and your bones–found in our MK-7 Supplement. K1 is found commonly in leafy vegetables and plays a role in normal blood clotting, but only 10% of the vitamin K1 in these foods is absorbed by your body. In addition, K1 does not stay in your body anywhere near as long as K2. And only K2 has been studied for effectiveness in keeping calcium out of your blood and arteries. If the 2 is missing, it’s not the right vitamin K for your bones and cardiovascular system. There are a lot of K2 products available that contain less than 150 mcg of MK-7. Instead, many of these supplements use blends that are actually predominantly MK-4, the cheaper, far less active relative of MK-7. The Healthy Directions MK-7 formula gives you the full recommended dose (150 mcg) of the most active, most bioavailable, most effective form of vitamin K2 every day. Your bones and your arteries will thank you for it.


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