Price : $29.99
Brand : Nutrivive

Glucomannan Maximum Strength Glucomannan Complex Konjac Root with Vitamin A, Thiamine, Vitamin B2,B6, Niacin, Biotin,Guarana Seed Extract,ChromeMate® CM-100M.

Glucomannan, from konjac root, is a form of beneficial soluble fiber that can improve bowel health, blood sugar and lipids, and other health conditions. It can also help you lose fat and stay lean by improving satiety and appetite hormones. To lose fat, you have to eat less. Simple enough. But it’s hard to get enough fiber when you’re eating less food. Inadequate fiber often means more hunger. More hunger means you want to eat more. What to do? Glucomannan, a soluble fiber from konjac root, may be one supplement that meets both these needs – adequate fiber plus greater satiety. It may have many other health benefits too.


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