Flax oil vs fish oil

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Flax oil vs fish oil. Which is best? What are the differences? Can you use both or just one? Learn facts in this vid!

Speaking of fish oils supplements, it's a perfect example of how one can compare labels and doses to see if (1) they are getting the correct dose for the effects they desire (e.g., the therapeutic dose) and (2) if the product is actually cost effective compared to another.

Quality issues not withstanding, do you actually look at the % of active lipids EPA and DHA when you buy fish oil supplements? Retailers are betting you don't…What's the better deal: A product that is 30% active lipids for $20 for 100 1g caps vs. say a product that is 50% active lipids containing the same 100 1g caps for $25? clearly, the latter product is the better deal but the first is cheaper.

Two, are you looking at the % of active lipids to make sure you are taking enough to have an effect? If not, you are short changing yourself both physically and financially. In either of my ebooks for example, I attempt to not only teach people which supplements actually work, but how to learn to read labels, so they are educated consumers, able to save money on the supplements they purchase.

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