Enteric Coated Fish Oil Pills & Why It’s Not Doing You Any Good

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Enteric Coated Fish Oil Pills & Why It's Not Doing You Any Good

Now we all know about fish oil and that it's the best source for Omega-3. In fact, a balanced ratio between Omega-3, which you get from fish oils, and Omega-6 fatty acids, which you get from other sources of fats, makes for a healthier body and especially a healthier heart. Now, the average American citizen consumes 20 times more Omega-6 than Omega-3, despite Omega -3 being readily available in fish or in the form of fish oil pills. So if this is the case, what's stopping people from taking such a wonderful health supplement? Smell is partially to blame for that. That awful fish smell in our mouths every time we burp after taking fish oil pills.

In recent times, though, many nutrition companies have made enteric coated fish oil pills that provide a relief from the infamous fish burp many of us suffer after taking an ordinary fish oil pill. Unfortunately, however, enteric coated fish oil pills not only remove the fish oil burp, it also removes our body's ability to absorb the nutrients derived from it properly.

To understand why this is, let's take a look at how enteric coated fish oil pills work. Unlike normal capsules which break down inside the stomach, enteric coated fish oil capsules are protected by a coating that protects it from breaking down inside the stomach. Due to this special coating, enteric coated capsules tend to not break down up until the later parts of the small intestines, hence the lack of fish burps, since burp smells tend to come from the stomach. Unfortunately, however, by bypassing the stomach, your body basically skips certain digestive triggers. Because of this, your body wouldn't know that there is something to absorb nutrients from.

Fish oil is a type of fat, and fats require special enzymes to process it and assimilate it into the body. As the fat moves from the stomach through to the small intestine it triggers bile from the gall bladder and more fat digesting enzymes from the pancreas. Fat itself must be present to trigger the fat digesting enzymes. No fat, no trigger and no absorption. If you have coated the fat with a man-made coating, it becomes invisible to the body and just passes through without triggering digestion. It might, however, provide you with gas and loose stools. How is that any better than fish oil burps? What's more, since you're not absorbing nutrients, the purpose of taking in fish oils in the first place are basically void.

So right now, our options are either to take regular fish oil, or take enteric coated oils and not get much of the benefits. But why does fish oil smell so bad after we take them? Well basically, the fish oils are going rancid inside you; and they grow rancid pretty fast, hence the smell. The reason for this is because the fats aren't being emulsified fast enough, mainly because there aren't many fats to trigger the release of enzymes responsible for emulsification. Consuming natural fats could help.

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