Double Strength OMEGA 3 Fish Oil. By Nutri-GOLD

Top Selling on Amazon ***Nature Made Burp-less Fish Oil, 1000 Mg, 300 mg Omega-3, 150 Liquid Softgels***

Fish oil.

The best way to obtain is from fresh fish, caught in the ocean; clean, pure water.

But; I also take fish oil capsule sometimes. I do feel a difference in my joints.

Fish oil from NOT farm raised!

Fish is wild caught US, Alaska, North Pacific, Alaska deep ocean. No GMO's, no unnatural junk. Even the capsule is made with good health in mind!

Like the taste. Not too strong, nice fish flavor. I prefer the oil to be natural with the true flavor. I suspect removing the taste lowers the quality.

Distilled to remove mercury, heavy metals, Dioxins, PCBs

Good for heart.

This definitely helps my joints. I need it. Neck, back injury symptoms are lessened and often gone when take this along with proper diet, exercise.

In the past I been buying at 99 stores products with some benefit. Nice to find a superior product for a good price an dincreased effects.

Testing out their UC_II, a product made from chicken cartilage, type 2 collagen. I prefer this. It is similar to the old farmers, hill peoples chicken soup. They prepare the entire chicken, eat all of it. (open the bones in a safe way without crushing, splintering it so as to prevent pieces getting into the throat, intestines; bones cooked in a special cloth and strained through to extract nutrients without getting broken bones in the soup) The soup contains the chicken cartilage, skin, bones, other parts.

Cartilage is a natural joint rebuilder. I have heard that other types of joint formulas are unhealthy and can impair eyesight, so I figure since the chicken soup, cartilage has helped in the past, I will up the healing with this supplement.

I try to stay vegetarian for spiritual 'animal respect' reasons but sometimes due to limited access to and $ for complete nutrients for the veg. diet, I must eat what is needed to stay healthy. Searching for a book listing all non-animal foods that contain every vitamin, mineral, protein and all other nutrients that a meat based diet provides. Reading about corn husks. Not sure about it, doing research.

Update on the chicken cartilage; it does work! BUT; I got stiff and soar, I believe due to the joints growing. I think will stay with the homemade Apple Cider Vinegar which opens the capillaries to the joints so they can rebuild naturally. Maybe use the cartilage sometimes. Sourness did go away. Anti gravity, inversion devices also work. Remember when we were kids and always flipping around, summer-salts, hanging upside down. Astronauts gain height after being in space due to the joints having much less pressure and then growing.


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