Cod Liver Oil Kyun lena chahiye ? Dr Rupal REVIEWS Explains Omega 3 Fatty Acid & vit A D3 #MEDKYC 7

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In this video i have explained below questions
What is the best Recommended dietary balanced Daily Supplement ?
What are Cod Liver Oil Capsules ?
What does Cod Liver Oil Capsules Contain ?
Also what is the difference between Sanofi SeaCod & Merck Seven seas Cod Liver Oil ?
Where to buy Cod liver Pil ?
What is the Cost of Cod liver Oil and where cheapest available ?
Why vitamin D is required ?
Does Cod Liver Oil contain Vitamin D also ?
Can vegetarians take Cod Liver Oil ?
What is the Dosage or Recommended Dose of Cod Liver Oil?
What is the Difference between Fish Oil and Cod Liver Oil ?
What are the side effects of Cod Liver Oil ?
Who should have Cod liver Oil ?
What are Over dose dangers especially as it contains Vitamin A ?
What are Alternate sources of Omega 3 Fatty Acids other then Cod liver Oil ?

All the above questions in this video are answered.

Veg Omega 3 fatty acid source flax seed (amazon affiliate buy link) – (Raw flax seeds is better then any veg omega 3 fatty acids supplements), howsoever even then if you dont have time to have raw seeds diet you can buy from – Vegetarian source (amazon affiliate buy link) – , also read the comments below for more info to get clear as none of the veg source as as balanced and potent as cod liver oil.

Dr.Rupal Reviews – 7 seas Cod Liver Oil Capsules along with Sanofi`s SeaCod Cod Live Oil Capsules in MEDKYC (Know Your Compound) Ep7 , MEdKYC series jismein hum Medicine aur uski related illness ka review karte hain.

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